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In 1981 , Karen Millen and her partner Kevin Stanford, began to design , produce T -shirts sold to friends , gradually, they will develop into more mature these clothes series , and use the money earned in 1983 , when Kent in the UK county (Kent) opened the first store . Originally the size of the store is not large , most of the clothing is also entrusted to the family of master -making production, in such a small business , under careful cultivation , Karen Millen again opened two branches in England . Was in financial difficulties ,karen millen evening dresses and finally survive the financial difficulties in 1989 and finally shop in London ,karen millen dresses usa which is located in King's Road flagship store , karen millen dresses outlet also began to let Karen and her partner harvest fruitful economic profit today from a Karen Millen England countryside, small clothing shop ,karen millen dresses usa suddenly become a 150 group cross- brand stores , in addition to the prestigious Women series, also developed a cosmetics and body care products . Now she mature and elegant haute couture , not only loved by professional women , she designed the gorgeous evening dresses and sexy high heels , have become an excellent choice aristocratic party . Karen Millen ladies interested in fashion design , footwear and accessories. From the procurement of materials , production processes to store sales , Karen Millen will pay attention to every detail in order to put the most beautiful products in order to give the most reasonable price customers . The brand clothing with a mature and elegant style ,karen millen evening dresses very modern woman intellectual beauty.